Communicate like a Rock Star!

by Betsy Haugen

Wednesday afternoon’s Legislative Staff University session, Communicate like a Rock Star! was very well attended. Communication expert, Sari del la Motte, engaged attendees with her funny and practical advice on how to talk to someone.

One thing she said early on was to throw out the Golden Rule – don’t treat others the way YOU want to be treated, instead treat them they way THEY want to be treated. By paying attention to the following 4 key areas, you will know how others want to be treated.

Eye contact:
Making eye contact with someone generally means you are willing to engage with them. She had many tips on why you would use eye contact carefully.

Body language:
Speak your listener’s body language. Less eye contact and authoritative body language require one approach and more eye contact and approachable body language signal something completely different.

Voice pattern:
Recognizing whether the situation calls for an authoritative tone of voice, or one that signals you are approachable or in “relationship” mode can be the key to a healthy conversation.

The number one communication tip for rock stars is to breathe properly; most people need work with improving their technique.

My take-away from the presentation was to look at what you can get rid of when communicating (such as bias and inappropriate props) and focus on gesturing, location and tone of voice to make your message more powerful.