Tour of the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library (with a brief stop at the Minnesota Capitol)

by Elizabeth Lincoln

15036189215_6dfdffbf72_oThe librarians took a bus from the Minneapolis Convention Center to the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library in St. Paul the afternoon of August 21.  The bus driver seemed to be as unfamiliar with the Twin Cities as the visitors–rather than taking a straight shot from one city to the other he took a detour through several Minneapolis suburbs!

I gave the librarians an overview of the highlights of our collection and the services we provide to legislators and legislative staff.  We knew our time at LRL would be short so the librarians prepared display boards featuring some of the things we thought fellow legislative librarians would find most interesting.

I took a few of our guests over to the Capitol for a very quick peek at the Capitol.   Because the Capitol is under renovation we were unable to see the beautiful rotunda.  We were able to take a look at the Senate chamber through the gates.  Tim Johnson, of the House Chief Clerk’s office, graciously allowed us to get a closer view of the House chamber.  Eddie Weeks, Tennessee legislative librarian, enthusiastically served as the Speaker.



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